We translate market insight & communications strategy into designs that capture the attention of your target market and draw them in to the communication so that they are receptive to the key messages that we are trying to deliver
Our Brand Navigation process allows us to gather insight so we can better understand what our clients’ customers and prospects want and need from our clients’ brands. We then develop and deliver relevant and effective key messages which resonant with our targets and influence them to buy our clients’ brands.
We provide a stress free bridge between the design of your communications materials and their high quality production.
A Startup hub to Help Build Startups
Welcome to NOVO HUB, a marketing communications agency owned and operated by young entrepreneurs who understand well and love the challenges of starting a new business.
In all reality small business is the backbone of our economy (Fun fact: Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) comprise a large portion of Egypt’s economic activity, contributing roughly 65-75% to employment and 80% to GDP by some estimates).
We believe that good marketing shouldn't be a luxury reserved for the rich or lucky few, but an integral part of bringing a new product or service to market.
Now that we've had a few good years of real experience under our belts, we've set out to bring high caliber branding and marketing tools to the feet and the fit (budget-wise) of your everyday startup who (yesterday) likely couldn't afford to pay for it.
Advertising brings your brand to life. It is still one of the most effective and powerful tools to build brands. It helps build brand awareness and establish market position.
At NOVO we specialize in creating image content that quickly captures the attention of your customer base and can be used within all marketing strategies.
We’re always proud to present examples of NOVO Thinking™ ranging from fully finished projects to inspirational creative development work. It doesn’t cover all our clients or all of our experience but it does reflect what we love to do to help our clients.
We've been called an ad agency, a marcom hub, a branded content company, the business model of the future and a crew of imaginers who dream creativity into reality!
​As the trusted evolution experts, we have evolved our services around the needs of the film and entertainment industry in Egypt, and offer a unique blend of strategy, creative, digital, design, production, social media, technical, content, PR and audio visual, with a proven record for producing sales-driven campaigns for premium must-see productions, venues, exhibitions and events.
Our PR staff focuses on compelling audiences through effective storytelling, the creation of meaningful content, and persistent and convincing media pitching.
Build and strengthen client bonds through constant communication. Loyalty arises when your brand needs goes wherever your audience is.
NOVO sees content marketing as the way to increase trust by creating a knowledge bond between our clients and their patients. We do this by producing compelling and relevant platforms for sharing pertinent information using Facebook, Twitter, e-newsletters, videos and the client website all working together to build a trustworthy and reliable resource for patients and potential patients.

On a ‘when-you-need-us’ basis, or as a dedicated external department for your organisation, we have the flexibility to suit any requirement, budget and company structure, wherever you are.
  We have a simple mission; to work with our client partners to make brilliant work that works.