We are a fully integrated marketing communications agency headquartered in Toronto and Cairo serving clients both local and global.
Now that description is fine if you’re a search engine, but it doesn’t tell you much in human terms. You should know that we’re not like most marketing agencies. Most agencies are happy to work with whoever will hire them. To them, the bigger the client, the better. We do our best work for a particular kind of client. Look at the list of companies we work with. They have something in common and it isn’t size. They’re all what we call “ aspirational brands”.
No one understands these kinds of brands, and the people who love them, like we do. Now you might be thinking, “Wait a minute. Vodafone … Marriott … Mercedes … Aspirational? Don’t you just mean luxury?” If so, you’re only seeing part of the picture. Aspirational is as much about behavior as it is about luxury. Aspirational brands aren’t driven by status, or by mass appeal. They strive for the unique. As a result, they do things you’d never do if your goal were anything short of that. Aspirational brands sweat the details, because that’s what excites people.
We created Novo to be the agency we always wanted when we were on the client side. As a result, our approach to strategy, execution and billing reflects that focus.
We immerse ourselves in our clients' world, learn their language and understand their sales channels and markets. Not many agencies are willing to put in the time to do this, We are. We develop and execute a specialized, integrated plan. We may surprise our clients by suggesting a product benefit or market they hadn’t considered. We may recommend a PR and direct marketing program instead of advertising, to maximize reach. Regardless, we execute with old-fashioned hard work and excellent creative thinking. Lastly, we mind the budget. Each project is estimated in advance and we don't impose account retainers or bill our clients for travel time. We’ve been on the client side—we know budget surprises are unacceptable.


At Novo, we believe in giving back to the community. Through our partnerships with some national and local charitable organizations, we’re helping to strengthen the communities where we live and work. We play an active role through pro bono work, hands-on volunteering, participation in fundraisers and service on boards. It’s fun, it builds camaraderie and it makes a difference.
Our commitment to the non-profit world led to the creation of Novo Cause Brands, a comprehensive cause marketing practice that serves both charitable organizations and corporate cause marketing initiatives. Novo Cause Brands is devoted to helping non-profit organizations leverage and manage the full value of their brands through strategic, integrated approaches that work across all marketing activities.


Long-term career opportunity
At NOVO, you will participate firsthand in our team-focused approach and enjoy a collaborative, rewarding work environment. We set our talent bar extremely high and seek employees with a high degree of skill, pride, commitment and a desire to challenge themselves and others.  
Our return to staff is a customized career path rooted in specialized training support, goal-setting and creating professional growth opportunities. We fuel development in a focused, concerted way that allows our people to evolve. Our development platforms include a social media-specific training module, an internal development curriculum, outside training options and a robust set of offerings from our clients.

NOVO Internships
NOVO Internship Program is a renowned internship experience that promises a robust education in marketing and public relations. Our interns are fully imbedded on account teams and become a part of our agency culture; gaining knowledge in a real, hands-on way. Each intern is matched with a staff mentor who offers support and guidance throughout the semester ensuring the experience is enriching, positive and educational. Our program consistently arms the next generation of practitioners with deep knowledge and professional-grade understanding of Marketing and PR strategies. Here, you get the opportunity to learn about our craft as well as influence the groundbreaking work taking place at NOVO.
We offer NIP each semester on a year-round basis (Spring, Summer and Fall) .