A Startup to Help Building Startups

​In all reality small business is the backbone of our economy.
(Fun fact: Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) comprise a large portion of Egypt’s economic activity, contributing roughly 65-75% to employment and 80% to GDP by some estimates).

We believe that good marketing shouldn't be a luxury reserved for the rich or lucky few, but an integral part of bringing a new product or service to market.

Now that we've had a few good years of real experience under our belts, we've set out to bring high caliber branding and marketing tools to the feet and the fit (budget-wise) of your everyday startup who (yesterday) likely couldn't afford to pay for it.

Dina El-Mofty
CEO and Founder Injaz, Inspo Egypt

What We Offer?

We provide professional services that include business assessments, business plans, branding& marketing strategies, business development assistance  in support of our Peers  in their business endeavors.

We've worked hard alongside knowledgeable partners to craft a branding and marketing startup solutions that will:
1. Be affordable and readily available to every entrepreneur (pre or post-launch).

2. Be attractive to every entrepreneur's funders (VA's, private investors & banks).

3. Equip every entrepreneur with a visual identity that effectively represents them, their values, and their product or service.

4. Present every entrepreneur and their product or service to the market, and all of its social opportunities.

5. Provide every entrepreneur with the necessary tools, direction, and confidence to reach and engage their audience in an exciting and relevant way.

Save your budget and time and focus on your product while we'll do marketing for you!
“As a woman, you have many factors holding you back and it is easy to fall into that comfort zone. But if you are a fighter and you are determined with that dream in your mind, you don’t let anyone get in your way.”

Mudassar Sheikha
CO-founder & Managing Director of Careem

“To build a sustainable business you need to deliver a product or service that is really going to add value to people’s lives, that is going to improve people’s lives. If it doesn’t do that in some shape or form it doesn’t make sense”


A brand represents the sum of people’s perception of a company’s customer service, reputation, advertising, and logo. When all of these parts of the business are working well, the overall brand tends to be healthy.

NOVO will help your business stand apart from the competition.
We understand the value that creative thinking can add to a business, but it can sometimes appear to be out of reach, particularly for start-ups. 

We know how challenging the first days can be. That’s why we have created a series of packages specifically designed to give new businesses and their brand image the best possible start. 
Pedal Power/ Start up
Our Pedal Power package is designed to get you off the blocks with all the basic marketing tools but with the minimum of financial outlay.
Motoring On/ Step Up
Our Motoring On package is the next step up and contains additional promotional collateral such as brochures and web techniques such as SEO research and testimonial copy-writing to ensure your messages are getting out to your target audience
Rocket Fuel/ Growth
Our Rocket Fuel package is quite simply the NASA version of all promotional packages. It’s a fully integrated marketing communications plan designed to give your business the best chance to reach the stars.

Over and above what’s included in our other packages, we can help you with exhibition stands, brand guidelines, numerous promotional collateral and produce a myriad of online materials including newsletters, emails and analytics.

Hind Hobeika
Founder of Instabeat

“I think what's most promising about start-ups in the Middle East is actually the Middle Eastern people. We have gone through a lot, as everyone knows, we have gone through wars, through instability, we don't have electricity 24 hours a day. This has pushed us to be really creative, to think outside the box, to prepare for situations that might happen so that we are not in deep trouble afterwards,”

Who will benefit from our  packages?

Any small business or startup who wants to grow but especially those selling a sophisticated or multi-faceted product or service.
Our packages will help developing engagement with key audiences, builds awareness around the brand, products or services, and as part of a marketing strategy can help grow your profile and business.

Why this is good for you?

Being a small business ourselves we can identify with the challenges you face as you launch your new venture.

We understand what it’s like when you are right at the beginning of your journey. You may be feeling daunted by the sheer scale of what’s involved in setting up from scratch. 
There’s a huge responsibility on you to find customers and turn your dream into a success story. 

One of the biggest downfalls of small business start-ups is the failure to properly plan.  You have a great idea, and you just want to get on with doing what you do best.  If you don’t take the time to think about how to market your business at this early stage though, you may struggle to find customers and to grow.

How does it work?

NOVO will show you how to properly plan your business growth right from the start, taking the time to really understand your new enterprise. 
Each new business marketing package is tailored to the individual needs of your business and ensures that your time and budget are used wisely.

We'll look into your market, your competitors and help you understand how to position and differentiate yourself from the competition. 

We'll identify who your target audience is, help you understand how to talk to them and where to find them.

NOVO will give you the tools and know-how to build awareness of your new brand and most importantly - find customers.

You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire to detail required information. 

One of our Account managers will then meet with you, or conduct a telephone meeting for a maximum of two hours.  The aim of the session is to find out more about your product or service offering, discuss your business objectives, find out who you intend to target and talk through what marketing activity will allow you to achieve your business goals.

Omar Samra
An adventurer, mountaineer, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and future astronaut He is the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest

“People tell you keep your job, start the company on the side. If I’m doing it on the side, then probably one of the reasons it fails is because I didn’t dedicate enough time to it”

Mai Medhat
CEO & co-founder of Eventtus

“We try things, we learn; if it doesn’t work, we try another way, and [ensure] we don’t commit the same mistake again”

What will You take away?

You will receive a report summarizing everything discussed:

  • Tailored advice on how to position your new brand and differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Identification of who your target audience is, helping you understand how to talk to them
  • An outline of recommended marketing activities to raise awareness of your products or services
  • A list of any ‘easy win’ action points that can be implemented immediately

Our team has over 10 years of accumulated experience working with startups and innovative products. We know everything about business processes, marketing and promotion in startups.  We can help you to avoid major mistakes many founders do when they launch marketing activities and reach your goals through marketing efforts.

Film & Entertainment

We've been called an ad agency, a marcom hub, a branded content company, the business model of the future and a crew of imaginers who dream creativity into reality!
​As the trusted evolution experts, we have evolved our services around the needs of the film and entertainment industry in Egypt, and offer a unique blend of strategy, creative, digital, design, production, social media, technical, content, PR and audio visual, with a proven record for producing sales-driven campaigns for premium must-see productions, venues, exhibitions and events.

Whether you're at script stage or you have a finished film, we research, brainstorm and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your film to suggest a positioning, target audience and creative promotional ideas.

Working on different projects and campaigns, we have developed contacts with journalists, bloggers, organizations and communities, among which we can perform outreach on three continents.

If your film has a potential on social networks, we offer our services to develop a social strategy, to create material that stimulates user interaction and to build and manage a strong and active community.

Our experience in social media and online marketing has allowed us to develop an extremely efficient and powerful buzz monitoring methodology: know what users and e-fluentials say about your film, in real time.

At NOVO, we haven’t met our expectations until we’ve exceeded yours.




The healthcare industry is undergoing a radical paradigm shift. Increasing the number of healthcare providers, the development of new digital technologies that increase access to information and flexible care models, and a focus on cost containment and results are giving rise to increasingly savvy consumers. 

NOVO Marcomms helps healthcare providers maximize their marketing investment to thrive in this new landscape. We are a full-service agency specializing in ethical medical and healthcare marketing for physicians, Medical centers, hospitals, healthcare networks, and specialized healthcare companies.

Successful medical marketing campaigns designed to reach informed consumers are built on research and careful planning. At NOVO we begin by analyzing your business and your competitors. Based on that research, we work with you to develop
a comprehensive plan that includes cohesive strategies for digital marketing, social media, content development, advertising, and public relations.

As marketing professionals with medical background we understand healthcare industry dynamics, and the challenges and opportunities you face. We provide the expertise to help you strengthen your brand and position in the market, build your client base, grow your patient volume, and increase your revenue and market share.


Your clients must trust your brand before they can trust your service.
We use social media to create brand ambassadors for your medical practice.

NOVO understands that successful social media needs more than an occasional post on Facebook or Twitter. Our key to success is to design and implement a customized and cohesive plan that integrates your branding and messaging across all relevant social media platforms in a consistent and focused campaign.
This approach enables us to craft an expert, trusted voice for your practice, with messages that engage your patients, reinforce their loyalty, and inspire their referrals.

NOVO will develop a customized social media plan and content that reflects the unique qualities of your healthcare business and that works in tandem with other marketing strategies to drive patients, new and old, to your website.


Build and strengthen client bonds through constant communication.
Loyalty arises when your brand needs goes wherever your audience is.

NOVO sees content marketing as the way to increase trust by creating a knowledge bond between our clients and their patients. We do this by producing compelling and relevant platforms for sharing pertinent information using Facebook, Twitter, e-newsletters, videos and the client website all working together to build a trustworthy and reliable resource for patients and potential patients.

We know that our clients are experts in their fields and their patients trust and rely on them for timely, accurate, and accessible information on their healthcare needs.
We specialize in the healthcare industry, so our researchers and writers are up-to-date on the questions patients have, as well as the most current and respected answers to those questions. 

Our content marketing strategies are designed to brand your practice, increase patient trust and loyalty, and expand your patient base.


To maximize the impact of your brand image, you must invest in it, build it, monitor it and protect it. To achieve these goals, you need a proven public relations strategy.

At NOVO, PR is personal. Unlike other agencies, we treat your organization’s reputation like it’s our own. Our public relations professionals can help you build, maintain or reverse the reputation of your organization through memorable and relevant storytelling. And we use superior PR tools and strategies to tell your story to the masses.
Positive media coverage can provide you with great exposure for little cost. It builds brand awareness and credibility because your target audience is more likely to trust information about you that’s presented by third-party publications and websites.
Media coverage can also help you:
  • Improve your search rankings.
  • Stand out from your competitors.
  • Promote new business growth by publishing new products, services or provider locations.

At NOVO, we don’t just help you identify your story—we help you make it newsworthy. We know exactly what’s needed to generate persuasive PR that speaks to the consumer as well as the healthcare executive.


Great brands—the ones that inspire loyalty and a diehard following—don’t happen by accident. They take root by virtue of insightful planning.

That’s why, at NOVO, strategy comes first. We develop, refine, and implement insightful plans that help our clients achieve premium positioning in the marketplace.
We work with our clients to analyze the competitive landscape. We also help them take a long, hard look at their own services and products. Through careful consideration of all the internal and external factors, we’re better able to chart a course for success. After all, no amount of marketing will support a weak brand.
Brand Strategy covers the following topic areas:
  • Brand Audits
  • Branding Strategy
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Naming, Taglines, and Messaging
  • Brand Strategy Consulting
  • Website Audits
  • Marketing Strategy
Developing a meaningful brand strategy will guide your firm forward in a unified direction–one that will help you understand how best to position your brand within the marketplace, and leverage it for success.


Insightful strategy combined with emotionally charged storytelling has successfully helped our clients deliver powerful and revenue generating campaigns.

Our advertising, marketing, and PR campaigns are creative, elegant, and persuasive, utilizing well-thought out strategy and outlets to distribute your message and get results.

First, we get to know your specific situation, message, and target audience. Brand identity, print, social media, television, radio and public relations are all evaluated as we develop the distribution channels for effectively reaching and engaging with your target market.

Further, we measure all our efforts to give you power over your marketing and the greatest return on investment.